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We’re top of the league and you’re no’

Posted in Euro 2008 on November 27, 2006 by Tartan Army Soldier

“Scotland are the greatest football team” sang Andy Cameron in 1978. Argentina and Brazil may wish to differ, but Scottish football is definitely on the rise.

With a new coach who seems to have inspired his team, Scotland are setting the pace in their Euro 2008 qualifying group. After crushing the Faroes 6-0 at Celtic Park and defeating Lithuania 2-1 in Kaunus, Scotland sat at the top of Group B. Then came World Cup finalist France. We beat them too. Garry Caldwell put the ball in the French net to secure victory and a clear three-point lead in the group. “We’re top of the league and you’re no”. Nice.

Scotland unfortunately lost their 100% record to Ukraine. Although a victory was unlikely the 2-0 defeat was, obviously, not what we wanted. However, Scotland remains astride Group B and the team have their chances firmly in their own hands.