Scotland and Wales to co-host Euro 2016?

The Welsh FA are considering the idea of offering to co-host Euro 2016 with Scotland.

After meeting with Assembly Sports Minister Alun Pugh on Dec 12, the Welsh FA have decided to explore the potential of a joint bid with Scotland for Euro 2016. “It’s worth investigating if Scotland and Wales could put a bid together,” FAW secretary David Collins said.

Millenium StadiumPreviously Scotland chose to bid for Euro 2008, partnering with the Republic of Ireland. Wales lost out because of a lack of suitable stadiums. However, Wales should have 3 suitable stadiums ready by 2016. As well as the Millennium Stadium, Swansea City FC’s 20,000-capacity Liberty Stadium is now finished and Cardiff City FC’s new 30,000-seater home at Leckwith is set to get the go-ahead. This puts Wales is a strong position.

How the Scottish FA decides to respond has yet to be seen. I for one hope it will be positive. A Scottish-Welsh partnership could have a good chance of success and it’s about time an international championship came to Scotland.

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