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Scotland v Georgia, here I come!

Posted in Euro 2008 on January 30, 2007 by Tartan Army Soldier

I managed to get hold of a ticket for the Georgia match in March! My wee brother asked nicely and managed to order a second ticket from the Scotland Supporters Club. So, I’ll be occupying a seat in the South Stand on March 24. I can’t wait!

SFA appoint Alex McLeish as new Scotland coach

Posted in Alex McLeish, Euro 2008, Walter Smith on January 29, 2007 by Tartan Army Soldier

Alex McLeishFormer Rangers manager, Alex McLeish has been named as the new Scotland coach. He will be assisted by Andy Watson and Roy Aitken.

McLeish’s naming as Scotland manager was far from a surprise. Since Walter Smith’s resignation on January 10, McLeish has been the firm favorite to take over as Scotland boss. And with Tommy Burns’s resignation I would suggest that it appears that Mcleish was the sole candidate considered for the job.

Regardless of the SFA’s selection procedure, McLeish’s appointment is welcomed. The uncertainty produced by Walter Smith’s move to Rangers was doing Scotland no favors in the lead up to the coming Euro 2008 matches against Georgia and Italy. Now we can look to the future with some confidence.

With Scotland performing well in the European championship there will be high expectations on the ex-Rangers boss. I for one wish him the best of luck.

Scotland v Georgia ticket woe

Posted in Euro 2008 on January 28, 2007 by Tartan Army Soldier

Damn! I left it too late join the Scotland Supporters Club and guarantee a ticket for the Georgia game in March. I just received an application form for membership to the SSC. However I was instructed that I “will not be eligible to purchase tickets for the forthcoming matches against Georgia and Italy in March”. It’s my own fault, but I am still well hacked off!

I just hope I can get a ticket through a friend because living in Eng**** makes purchasing a public ticket just a wee bit difficult.

McLeish set to be named as new Scotland coach

Posted in Alex McLeish on January 25, 2007 by Tartan Army Soldier

Wey! It looks like the SFA are about to appoint a new Scotland Coach this coming Monday (Jan 29). Having been away in opposition territory for a few days (skiing in France) I’m glad to see that the Scotland squad will soon have a new coach. And, if I go back to France this year it will hopefully be to see Scotland repeat their defeat of the French. What a result that would be!

Present thoughts are that former Rangers manager Alex McLeish will become Scotland coach. As well as being interviewed for the position, McLeish has received the backing of Manchester United and ex-Scotland boss, Sir Alex Ferguson. When asked about Mcleish Ferguson said “I think he’s ideal, I think it’s perfect.”

Andy Watson, who was McLeish’s assistant at Motherwell, Hibernian and Ibrox, is considered likely to be part of the new set-up. Similarly, Gary McAllister and Roy Aitken have also been mentioned as possible members of the new Scotland management team.

Huge demand as Scotland v Georgia tickets go on sale

Posted in Euro 2008 on January 20, 2007 by Tartan Army Soldier

Hampden ParkTickets for the Scotland v Georgia match on March 24 were, yesterday, released for sale to Scotland Supporters Club members. And demand has been monumental!

24,000 order forms were sent out to members earlier this week. All were able to purchase tickets from today. However, because of recent good form and the Scotland squad sitting at the top of Euro 2008 Group B, the desire to get hold of tickets was intense. The frenzy was so great that most fans could not access the phone lines or apply online. Luckily for the Supporters Club there is more than enough tickets for everyone.

Public sale of tickets is set for March 2. I wouldn’t expect may to be left after the Supporters Club take their entitlement, so if you want a ticket it looks like you are going to have to be quick off the mark. Good luck everyone.

BTW, I’m not relying on the sale to the public. I’ve just applied to join the Scotland Supporters Club. I reckon the £40 membership is worth it to guarantee a ticket to this match.

French coach, Raymond Domenech, attacks Walter Smith

Posted in Euro 2008, Walter Smith on January 19, 2007 by Tartan Army Soldier

Raymond DomenechDomenech, head coach of France has criticised Walter Smith’s recent decision to leave Scotland for Rangers. He reportedly said Smith “is laughing in the players’ faces. It’s scandalous. He’s taken advantage of the momentum they’ve given him and then dropped them”. He also seems to think that Smith’s departure will be ‘fatal’.

I reckon this is all a bit pointless. As hacked off as I am with Walter Smith leaving for Rangers I think the Scotland squad are big enough to maintain their good current form. Anyway, why does Domenech care? If he was a decent manager I would expect him to be more concerned with his own team. Let’s hope he’s not.

Tommy Burns leaves Scotland No. 2 job

Posted in Uncategorized on January 19, 2007 by Tartan Army Soldier

Tommy Burns has resigned from his position as Scotland’s Assistant Coach. Apparently unhappy about not being considered for the top job, Burns was not prepared to be assistant to a third successive Scotland coach.

Burns’s only comment so far is “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Scottish national squad and have made a lot of good friends in the process,… I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone involved with Scotland every success for the future.”

This is a nightmare! To leave Tommy Burns, who has put so much time and effort into Scotland, out of consideration for the top job is crazy! I wonder if the SFA are set on Alex McLeish as replacement to Walter Smith, and that they are stalling purely to give the impression they put a lot of thought into the decision.