Gordon Brown backs World Cup England 2018. Alex Salmond critical of “ridiculous” Chancellor.

There was an interesting development the other day – Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, publicly expressed his support for England to host World Cup 2018. This has caused a wee bit of a fuss. Alex Salmond of the SNP is up in arms saying that Brown is only making himself look “ridiculous in Scotland and insincere in England”.

In all fairness I don’t think England holding the World Cup in 2018 is a bad thing. It’s just down the road for us, so more of us can get time off work and get to the games without too much hassle and expense.

As for Salmond’s claim that “he said that Paul Gascoigne’s goal against Scotland in Euro 96 was his favourite football moment”, I don’t remember that. But if he did, he is a complete eejit! Anyway I don’t care too much what these fookin politicians say.

As long as we don’t have a repeat of 1966, am ok with the World Cup being in England. When was the last time the host team won anyway? And, let’s not forget that Scotland have won at Wembley 🙂

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