No pies, but Scotland victorious against Georgia

Except for mass anger over the numpty pie-people running out of pies, it was a great day at Hampden.

Scotland victory over Georgia

Having travelled up to Glasgow the day before we made our way to the match. After meeting friends, collecting our tickets and sinking a few beers we arrived at Hampden. The stadium was awash with saltires. 50,000 Scottish fan were there with us, looking forward to another victorious effort in Scotland’s journey towards the Euro 2008 finals. And we didn’t have long to wait for goals.

We started well. Taking control, we dominated possession. Then in the eleventh minute, to everyone’s delight (OK, not the 400 Georgians) Kris Boyd headed us into the lead. 1-0. Brilliant!

The rest of the first half was saw Georgia take more control of the game. However we were still playing well and I was sure we could keep our lead until half-time. How wrong I was. in the 39th minute Arveladze’s diving header sent the ball past Craig Gordon levelling the game at 1-1. And that was how it stood at half-time.

After a unsuccessful mission to buy Hampden pies (“none left…sorry”) and the near bedlam between hungry fans and apparently numb-nut pie people I returned to my seat.

The second half was a bit slow. There didn’t seem to be as many shots at goal. And those of I saw, most seemed to be at the wrong end of the pitch. And questionable refereeing wasn’t helping. Despite this we did enough top hold off the Georgian advance.

The final 20 minutes were to seal provide the result we all wanted. The crowd’s spirits lifted as the ball was fired towards the Georgia goalmouth. Kris Boyd almost equalised in the 70th minute when his shot battered the off the bar. Scotland’s efforts finally paid off when Craig Beattie intercepted Kenny Miller’s flick-on to put the ball in the back of the net and ensure a Scottish victory.

After celebrating in Hampden to Status Quo’s Rocking All Over The World and The Fratelli’s Chelsea Dagger, Glasgow was relieved of good few pints.

BTW, Scotland are still top of Group B and are now unofficial Champions of the World.

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