Victory in Vienna: Austria 0-1 Scotland

Another eveing in the Rob Roy bar. Another Scotland victory? With the bar sadly only half full, it seemed not that many were interested. But those there most certainly were. The mood was optimistic and, with the new FIFA rankings putting Scotland at 14th in the world, we knew they had a chance of a result. The match began:

From the start Scotland were clearly the better of the two teams. With most of the match posession it looked like Scotland were bound to score. However for the first half we seemed unable to put the ball in the net. Krys Boyd had a number of chances which he failed to convert. The first half ended 0-0.

Garry O’Connor

The mood was still upbeat for the second half. More posession. More chances. Then, in the 58th minute Lokomotiv Moscow star Garry O’Connor did us proud. Angling a shot straight into the Austrian goal, Scotland took the lead, and the we went mental in celebration!!! Despite a shot a goal by Markus Katzer, the Austrians failed to reply and victory was Scotland’s.

If Scotland play as well against the Faroes, that match should be noooooo problem.

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