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France v Scotland – SSC send out applications. Only 3,500 tickets!

Posted in Euro 2008, Tartan Army Abroad on June 27, 2007 by Tartan Army Soldier

I just received this email from a friend:

“SSC ticket forms for the France game are out. We’re only getting 3500 seats, priced at, wait for it, £41 or £82 each.”

As I replied, they are taking the p*ss so bad I won’t pee for at least a week!!

Scotland drop to 23rd in FIFA rankings

Posted in FIFA on June 13, 2007 by Tartan Army Soldier

Scotland have dropped 9 places in the FIFA world rankings!

The new FIFA rankings came out today. They place the Scotland squad in 23rd position, 9 places below their May position. It seems Scotland were the victems of bad timing. Their two most recent victories were included as they fell outside the cut-off time to be considered for this month’s listings. So, pure no shame. We’ll be back in the top 20 next month without a doubt.

FIFA World Rankings June 2007

Graham Taylor insults Scotland team

Posted in England, Scotland Squad on June 9, 2007 by Tartan Army Soldier

I just read this article in the Times Online about the falling standard of the England team. Graham Taylor said that England are at risk “of going down the same road as Scotland and becoming a second division team in world football – and I mean no disrespect to Scotland by that”. No disrepect!? No, none at all. I reckon he’s a cheeky fooking scumbag!! No disrepect.

At least one muppet
At least one muppet

The fool/full article can be found here. It’d be good to hear what other people think of this outrageous nonsense.

Another evening in the Rob Roy, another Scotland victory

Posted in Euro 2008, Tartan Army on June 7, 2007 by Tartan Army Soldier

The Scotland team continue to do us all proud.

It was another evening in the Rob Roy bar for another Scotland match. Most of us had finished work early or taken a half day to see if Scotland could take three points from the Faroes. Again, the mood was optimistic, but with failure to win in the Fareos on the last two occasions, noone was taking anything for granted.

The match began well and Scotland took control. After a few chances blown, Shaun Maloney put us into a deserved lead. The pub roared in celebration. Then a mere four minutes later Garry O’Connor sank the ball into the Faroes net. 2-0! And that was how the first half ended.

The second half was not quite as an enjoyable affair. Scotland sat back a little. This allowed the Faroes an few chances and all of us a few worrysome moments. Luckily the Scotland team picked itself up and the ball started going in the right direction again. There were no more goals, but three point were sealed and we all went home happy.

Scotland now sit third in their group behind France and Itlay.