Graham Taylor insults Scotland team

I just read this article in the Times Online about the falling standard of the England team. Graham Taylor said that England are at risk “of going down the same road as Scotland and becoming a second division team in world football – and I mean no disrespect to Scotland by that”. No disrepect!? No, none at all. I reckon he’s a cheeky fooking scumbag!! No disrepect.

At least one muppet
At least one muppet

The fool/full article can be found here. It’d be good to hear what other people think of this outrageous nonsense.

2 Responses to “Graham Taylor insults Scotland team”

  1. Charles Trent Says:

    Damn straight man! That tube Taylor is talking cr*p. Scotland are better than England any day of the week.

  2. What does Taylor know anyway? He did such a fine job of managing England they compared him to a turnip.

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