Scotland v Lithuania – tickets ordered

Fantastic! We just ordered our tickets for the Scotland v Lituania game. Our ticket-master Allan put the order in this morning, and seven of us will be joining the rest of the Tartan Army on September 8. Can’t wait.

6 Responses to “Scotland v Lithuania – tickets ordered”

  1. Where did you buy your tickets from. I can’t get them anywhere!!!

  2. I’m a member of the Scotland Supporters Club. The SSC always gets frst dibs for tickets. It’s probably not fair but we pay £20 a year for the benefit, and it seems to work.:-)

  3. andy stewart Says:

    any spare tickets going? need one and one only.

  4. Does anyone have a spare ticket for saturday ? I’d come and collect it if needed.

  5. We have no spare tickets. I actually think we are onthe look out for one more if we can get it. So, I can’t help you there.

    We have 3 spare French tickets for Wednesday if you are interested. Emails to

  6. Dose ANYONE have two spare tickets for the game tomorow.will be in the town from 8am.

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