Another win for the Scotland Squad, and all quiet on the English front

Another Scotland game, another victory. And the Germans did well too 🙂

As ever, we were in the Rob Roy bar, hoping for another Scotland victory. We arrived just in time to see Wales defeat the Bulgarians. Then it was the main event, Scotland v South Africa. Despite starting poorly, our defence looked after us and Graig Gordon reliably proved his worth.

We picked our selves up in the second half. The mood around us improved n-fold. If we were to keep up the pressure we would almost surely get a goal. We just had to keep pushing. And in the 71st minute Kris Boyd did the necessary and put the ball soundly into the South African net. 20 minutes later job done; another pleasing, if hard won ,Scotland victory.

So, back to work on Thursday. There were 5 very pleased people – 3 Germans and 2 Scots. Strangely, the rest of the office was somewhat subdued. I can’t imagine why that would be;-)

Next stop Hampden Park, Scotland v Lithuania. See you all there.

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