Public tickets for Scotland v Ukraine on sale 19 September

The SFA have released details stating that public tickets for the Scotland v Ukraine game will be on sale from Sept 19 at 10.00 am. Tickets will be able to be purchased by calling the SECC Scotland ticket hotline on 08700 131415 or by visiting the Hampden Park Museum shop. Tickets will be limited to 4 per purchase.

9 Responses to “Public tickets for Scotland v Ukraine on sale 19 September”

  1. what time do they go on sale?

  2. Good question. 10am. Message edited.


  4. do you know the price?

  5. pinkstarbuck Says:

    Tickets are going on sale at 9AM NOT 10am think they’re about ¬£30

  6. frustrarted Says:

    Have been trying to get through on the hotline number since 9am this morning – and all I have been getting is an engaged tone

  7. Did anyone manage to get hold of the ticket hotline i know i didn’t. does anyone have any spares for the game??

  8. tried foe ages for tickets ! anybody got any spare ????????????

  9. monday 1st october and despereate to get tickets. on hotline for hours worried I won’t get tickets

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