Victory in Paris! What a game! What a result! France 0-1 Scotland

I’m just back from Paris. What a superb time! Seeing Scotland defeat one of the world’s finest teams away from home was simply the best. What a day!

First the pre-match meet. After buying a ‘wee’ carry out, we made out way stright to the Eiffel Tower. There we met up with a few thousand other Tartan Army footsoldiers. The atmosphere was as always, suberb, with everyone having a few swallies and a kickabout. This went on for a few hours, after which we got ready for the march to Parc de Princes.

We made our way across Paris. Eventually we arrived at Parc de Princes. Continuing as we started, we popped into a wee bar for last chance lubrication before the game. We talked about maybe taking a point off France and, in our wildest dreams, maybe, just maybe sneaking a 1-0 victory over the French.

Tartan Army on the march in Paris

Suitably lubricated we entered the French stadium. We couldn’t belive it! There was almost no French fans! What a shocking turnout! The stadium was definitly in the hands of Tartan Army. Only the Scotland team would know the support of the crowd. And we hoped that would help them on their way.

The players took the field, and the Scotland Squad met a barrage of cheering support. What followed was an outstanding Scottish effort. We held the French at bay excellently. There were several French shots at goal, but nothing too serious and nothing that Criag Gordon couldn’t repel. The likelihood of a draw drew closer. Then, after 64 minutes, James McFadden unleashed an outstanding strike on the French goal, sinking the ball in to the net, giving Scotland the lead. The crowd roared! Thousands of us jumped and danced with joy! This was beyond our wildest expectations!

And that was how the match ended. Then the celbrations. We partied and drank until 5 in the morning.

Next game, Scotland v Ukraine, 13 October. See you there.

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