Tickets for Scotland v Italy match available to SSC on Oct 1

I recently received notification that Scotland Supporters Club members will be able to buy tickets to the Euro 2008 Scotland v Italy match from October 1. We’re being given up to two tickets per member. Second tickets will be given out as available.

This match may decide the group. For Scotland it is likely to be a crucial game, requiring at least a draw to qualify. And with France and Italy far from out of the way, a win may be the only way to ensure Euro 2008 qualification.

I’m not sure if I’ll be in Britain for this match. Wherever I am I’ll find a Scottish or Italian bar, hotel or embassy showing the game. Definitely not one to miss!!

36 Responses to “Tickets for Scotland v Italy match available to SSC on Oct 1”

  1. craig burns Says:

    hi there, if you have spare tickets to sell then i would happily buy them off you. im looking for 2(adult and consession or just 2 adult). thanks, craig.

  2. craig burns Says:

    and also if anyone else is willing to sell tickets please e-mail me at

  3. Hi looking for any spare ticket if anyone can help please contact me on

  4. ross carter Says:

    hi i would like to purchase any spare tickets for a not bad price leave a comment on the page and i will go on once a day and leave a comment if you have any spare tickets, i am really intresting in buying 1

  5. Allan main Says:

    Desperate for a ticket for this game. Only need one as my pal and his son have them already through the ssc. E-mail

  6. Steven Lang Says:

    Myself my son my mate and his daughter Kaylegh have been to every home game and to miss this game although not an earth shattering experience compared to other stuff that is happening is bloody disappointing, we need 4 tickets, would love to say 2 and myself and Abby will go , but cant bring ourselves to do that, hope someone out there can make two young kids feel that the journey they have witnessed so far has some sort of ending. Cheers! and a special thanks to the Cumbernauld Tartan Army who have been so welcoming to the four of us throughout the whole campaign.

  7. i will pay 150 for one ticket and would collect..07870872126 asap!!

  8. any spare tickets for the italy game ?

  9. any spare tickets for the italy game

  10. Steven Sibbald Says:

    Got 2 tickets for saturday much people willing to pay? e-mail me

  11. I have two tickets for sale in the South Stand for saturday’s game. Due to a loss in the family it would not be appropriate to go so I have made a decision to give someone else the opportunity.

    To anyone who considers making me an offer I will make a commitment to donate anything above the face value of the tickets to cancer research and will make not profit from the sale.

    This game would havbe meant a lot to someone in my life but they can no longer go and I know they would be happy that someone else has the chance.

    If you are genuine please reply to this post and I will get in touch asap

  12. Chumbo i have 1 west stand ticket but i am a SSC member and my dad had to give his membership up. I want to do a swap with someone so i can have 2 tickets or a parent and child ticket and i will pay for the other ticket and give anyone my west stand ticket?

    anyone out there? e-mail me at asap

  13. sorry change that e-mail to

  14. chumbo if tickets still available would purchase from me with price

  15. chumbo if tickets still available would purchase from me.

  16. Martin Sorry cant do a swap as I am not going to the game – I would prefer to sell both tickets in one go rather than have the hassle of having to then sell a single ticket. Why dont you sell the ticket then come back with an offer

  17. SAMMY – can you send me an email to dirkdiggler007@btconnect

  18. Chumbo can’t get through on e-mail, can you send me info at

  19. intrested in tickets for myself and 15 yr old daughter. are they sill available?

  20. I should have given my email address

  21. Chumbo do you still have tickets available?

    email please at

  22. Hi everyone who has replied should have received an email from me by now.

    The tickets are still up for grabs I have had a couple of offers but they are still available

  23. i am desperate for tickets – email me asap. Cheers Craig

  24. contact me on this email till 4 – cheers

  25. any spares

  26. Alan – no spare just 2 for sale

  27. how much

  28. e-mail me chumbo at if still up for grabs

  29. Chumbo

    Might be interested, how much are you looking for?

  30. Chumbo – Tried to email you on dirtdiggler, but has been returned. can you email me at please if tickets still available.

    I have a few other options but since have had cancer in the family would prefer money went there.


  32. Tickets still available – let me know what you are willing to pay for them

  33. will let the lucky person know by 11.30pm tonight

  34. whats your email and i will tell you what i’ll offer

  35. tickets have now been sold

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