Next stop Hampden, Scotland v Ukraine

Here we go, another Scotland game and nearing the climax of Euro 2008 qualification.

Am off to Glasgow in a couple of hours with one of my brothers. Then, tomorrow, it’s off to Langside to meet up with everyone else, collect the tickets, grab a beer or two and then make our way to Hampden.

It’s going to be a Hell of a game! With the French and Italians nipping at our feet we have no room for complacency. Plus, Ukraine may still be able to qualify, if they win all their matches, so they are going to be playing with a passion. But, we came up trumps in Paris, so we know that as long as our defence do their job in typical (superb) fashion and we keep pushing up the front Scotland can come out ahead once again. Cannae wait!

Afterwards, we party. 🙂

One Response to “Next stop Hampden, Scotland v Ukraine”

  1. Tall Tartin Army Soldier Says:

    Another great victory for Scotland! CUMMON! Where were u sitting at the game big chief? North stand i hope!

    Brilliant updates btw, your my homepage. Keep up the good work!

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