Depressed at Scotland’s defeat in Georgia

I am almost speachless. How on Earth did Scotland manage to play so rubbish? Maybe we missed out on a desrved penalty, which may have turned the games, but in all painful honesty I think the best team won.

The evening started oh so well – England lost 🙂 And with recent Scottish victories, it would have been a fool who would have bet against Scotland. Spirits were high and the bar, packed as ever for a Scotland game, was rampant with expectation. Then the players took the field in that maroon disaster of a strip. And they played similarly.

It pains me to write any more. From what I understand the only other team capable of losing to Georgia has been the Faroes. Scotland should have taken all 3 points, but didn’t. 😦 We were, and are, well pissed off!

One Response to “Depressed at Scotland’s defeat in Georgia”

  1. Andy Bunting Says:

    Apparently the managaer is blaming it slightly on fatigue and hoping to rearrange fixtures to help with the Italy game. I hope you can beat Italy but I wouldn’t set your watch by it.

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