Alex McLeish resigns as Scotland Coach

It wasn’t the biggest shock in the world, but Alex McLeish has resigned from the position of Scotland boss. He’s leaving to join Birmingham City.

Alex McLeish

McLeish will be missed. He did a fine job, helping improve Scotland’s world ranking to its highest level for a very long time. Taking over from Walter Smith in January, McLeish continued his predecessor’s lead of the Scotland Euro 2008 campaign. Despite failure to qulaify for the next stage, Scotland showed an improved standard of football that deservedly earned them a second seed position in the recent World Cup 2010 qualifying draw.

As has been reported McLeish’s wage has quadrupled. I wish he had refused the extra money, or more realistically, the SFA had matched it. Unfortunately that did not happen. And I can’t really blame him for taking the money. Regardless, ‘Big Eck’ will be very much missed.

3 Responses to “Alex McLeish resigns as Scotland Coach”

  1. Bobby Wilson Says:

    It was not long ago that ‘Big Eck’ was calling for everyonr to get behind the team. Yet at the first chance he is off, and to a club that are favorites to go down.

    Has the top job in scotland now become a place for someone out of a job to keep their hand in at coaching?

    Lets hope the SFA go for someone that believes in the team and the nation.

  2. I understand your disappointment. However, I believe that anyone who is offered a huge raise in salary is likely to seriously consider it, and most likely move jobs. I know I would. If the SFA value the postion perhaps they should pay more for the job.

  3. Oyasuminasai Says:

    I’m Italian and I’m sorry Scotland didn’t qualified for Euro 2008, it was one of the best teams. I would prefer that France watched Euro 2008 on TV. Bye.

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