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Terry Butcher joins Scotland

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Good news for Scotland. That’s my opinion anyway. Terry Butcher has effectively joined the Scotland Squad coaching team. From what I read he is upbeat, ready to go and saying all the right things.

Butcher has been expressing his readiness to get on with the job and support Scotland, even over England. When asked about his allegience in light of a possible England v Scotland clash, Butcher stated “I’d want England to lose in that situation. But if it came to singing the national anthems I’d probably sing both” and “We all want Scotland to win because we are all part of that backroom staff”. That seems fair enough to me. Let’s give the man a chance to get on with his job.
Welcome aboard Terry. Good luck with your efforts.

Terry Butcher, Assistant Scotland Coach?

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George Burley has asked Terry Butcher to assist his Scotland coaching efforts. A brave decision. But is it a wise one??

Choosing an Englishman to help lead the Scotland team was always going to be a controversial decision. After Berti Vogts, Scotland fans are, understandedly, wary about employing another non-Scot to help lead the national team. But could Butcher be the man to help Burley lead Scotland to success?

Terry Butcher
Terry Butcher, future Scotland Assistant Coach???

I have to admit I am undecided. Scotland had a nightmare of a time under Vogts, and have since done better under Scottish coaches. However it may not be wise to exclude other, potentially capable, non-Scots purely on the basis of the Berti Vogts experience. If George Burley feels he can best serve the Scotland team with an Englishman assisting him, one who does have some understanding of the Scottish game, perhaps we should give him the benefit of the doubt.

England v Scotland

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A quote from BBC News: “England could also line up a match against Scotland at Wembley sometime during the summer.”

An England v Scotland match could effectively establish Scotland as the prime team in Britain. Taking the lead from Germany and Craotia, Scotland could add to the string of teams with a victorious visit to Wembley. And, being a Scot in London it would be really handy for me.

George Burley: Scotland Coach

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George Burley is the new Scotland coach. No doubts, no faffing around, no uncertainty or last minute nonsense. All signatures are signed and compensation paid and the Scotland Squad now have a new man at the helm. Now to show the English how to beat Croatia.:)

I was actually so inspired I immediately rejoined the Scotland Supporters Club and am awaiting instructions for buying tickets. Cannae wait.

George Burley to be made Scotland Coach?

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It seems the SFA have decided who they are going ask to be the new Scotland Coach. George Burley has emerged as the preferred choice.

Reports suggest that the Southampton boss is about to be offered the post of Scotland manager. Despite three other candidates, Graeme Souness, Tommy Burns and Mark McGhee, being interviewed for the position the ex-Hearts boss with 11 Scotland caps is believed to be the SFA’s preferred candidate. Many observers are surprised. Burley was, in many people’s eyes the least likely option. McGhee and, to a lesser extent, Sounness were thought to be the best man for the job. The SFA clearly thinks otherwise.

Mark McGhee has already wished Burley the best. Speaking on BBC radio McGhee expressed his disappointment at discovering the news through the media, but said “All I can say is congratulations to George… …I think he will be a terrific Scotland manager and I will do all I can to help him”. I concur. Let’s hope Mr Burley keeps up the good work started by Smith and Mcleish.

For more detail check out this article.

Scotland v Croatia 26 March

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It looks the Argentina have been told where to go with their excessive cash demands. Scotland are now lined up to face Croatia on 26 March.

Croatia fans

Having recently crushed England’s dream of qualifying for Euro 2008, Croatia will now play Scotland as part of their preparation for the finals of the tournament. They have chosen a worthy opposition. With the Scotland squad doing so well recently (e.g. putting France to shame) the Croats will be given a real run for their money. A Scotland victory is quite possible, and Mr Capello would do well to take notes.

Scotland Coach – Burley, Souness, McGhee or Burns?

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It seems like the SFA have got their finger out in the search for a new Scotland coach. Amid news that Billy Davies has withdrawn his interest in the job, reports state that there is a shortlist of four for the job George Burley, Graeme Souness, Mark McGhee and Tommy Burns.

Mark McGhee has been, and remains, favourite. Backers include Rangers captain Barry Ferguson and Scotland pundit Chick Young. However Coventry boss Gary McAllister has suggested ex-Scotland midfielder, Graeme Souness would be ideal for the position. More recently however George Burley and Tommy Burns have surfaced as possible candidates.

Burley expressed his interest weeks ago. Only now thought has there been any sign that he was being lined up as a possible candidate. And Burns was considered unlikely having been passed over when the SFA were replacing Walter Smith. Despite this the SFA are seeking to interview both coaches in addition to Souness and McGhee.

My thoughts remain, Souness or McGhee, preferably the latter.