George Burley to be made Scotland Coach?

It seems the SFA have decided who they are going ask to be the new Scotland Coach. George Burley has emerged as the preferred choice.

Reports suggest that the Southampton boss is about to be offered the post of Scotland manager. Despite three other candidates, Graeme Souness, Tommy Burns and Mark McGhee, being interviewed for the position the ex-Hearts boss with 11 Scotland caps is believed to be the SFA’s preferred candidate. Many observers are surprised. Burley was, in many people’s eyes the least likely option. McGhee and, to a lesser extent, Sounness were thought to be the best man for the job. The SFA clearly thinks otherwise.

Mark McGhee has already wished Burley the best. Speaking on BBC radio McGhee expressed his disappointment at discovering the news through the media, but said “All I can say is congratulations to George… …I think he will be a terrific Scotland manager and I will do all I can to help him”. I concur. Let’s hope Mr Burley keeps up the good work started by Smith and Mcleish.

For more detail check out this article.

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