Terry Butcher, Assistant Scotland Coach?

George Burley has asked Terry Butcher to assist his Scotland coaching efforts. A brave decision. But is it a wise one??

Choosing an Englishman to help lead the Scotland team was always going to be a controversial decision. After Berti Vogts, Scotland fans are, understandedly, wary about employing another non-Scot to help lead the national team. But could Butcher be the man to help Burley lead Scotland to success?

Terry Butcher
Terry Butcher, future Scotland Assistant Coach???

I have to admit I am undecided. Scotland had a nightmare of a time under Vogts, and have since done better under Scottish coaches. However it may not be wise to exclude other, potentially capable, non-Scots purely on the basis of the Berti Vogts experience. If George Burley feels he can best serve the Scotland team with an Englishman assisting him, one who does have some understanding of the Scottish game, perhaps we should give him the benefit of the doubt.

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