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Scotland – Croatia result – English notably quiet :-)

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Scotland 1 – 1 Croatia. I’m still not sure if I’m happy with that. However, the Englanglanders I work with are notably quiet and occasionally complimentary of the Scotland team.

We had packed into the Rob Roy. OK, it wasn’t that packed – there was plenty of room for everyone, Scot’s fans and Croatian guests alike. Anyway, we were all looking forward to a good game. 90 minutes later a 1-1 draw was the result. I can’t say any of us were overjoyed, but a draw against the team that twice defeated the English and is ranked above us is not too shabby a result. And there were no embarrassing goalkeeper-related moments to mar the occasion.

Then it was back to work on Thursday. To be fair my workmates are a pretty good bunch so I wasn’t execting (m)any stupid comments. The French were looking faintly happy. Why, I can’t imagine. And the Englerlish were quiet. The take-away comment to note was “You guys did well last night. They beat us twice”. How true. And good to hear.

And, with the French result, does this put us ahead of England in the rankings? That will be interesting to see.

Czech Republic v Scotland and Scotland v Northern Ireland friendlies lined up

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At last. On the eve of the Scotland v Croatia tie, Scotland coach George Burley has confirmed two further Scotland friendlies. The Scotland squad will head over to Prague to face the Czechs on May 30 then Hampden Park will play host to the Northern Ireland team on Wednesday August 20.

Prague Supermarket

Plans are already afoot for a trip to Prague. Four or five days in the Czech Republic are on the cards – roughly two days before the game and two days after. With Prague being the world centre of beer (apparently they make and drink more beer than anyone else, including us Scots) it should be a monumental time. 🙂

George Burley all but vetos Iran v Scotland match

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Iran v Scotland isn’t looking likely. Scotland coach, George Burley has indicated his doubts about the proposed Scotland friendly in Tehran. As for suggestions of a England v Scotland tie, Old Firm commitments are to blame for this lost opportunity.

Both Rangers and Celtic are planning tours in the late end of May. With a significant proportion of the Scotland squad made up of Celtic and Rangers players that would, in effect, prevent half the team from being able to attend any match late in May.

Burley however remains intent on another friendly tie and would ” like to get something sorted for May”, presumably at Hampden and earlier in the month.

One consolation, whatever match is organised, at least we’ll be able to enjoy a wee bevvy after the game. Celebrations in Tehran would have been a bit non-alcoholic.

Iran v Scotland friendly in May?

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We may be on the way to Terhan. It has just reported that Scotland have been invited to play a friendly match against Iran in the summer. If the game goes ahead we cold be heading to the middle east for the match on 28 May.

Scotland last played against Iran in World Cup 1978. The 1-1 draw was a shocking embarrassment for Ally McLeod’s team in what should have been Scotland’s most successful World Cup. This match will be a chance to reclaim Scottish honour.

Scotland v Croatia – confusion over public ticket sale

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When will Scotland v Croatia tickets go on sale to the public? Does anybody know the answer?

From what I read the situation is confused. It was reported that the SFA have said the tickets will be offered for sale in the second week of March. Another reports says otherwise. Unofficial word from Hampden says that tickets will be available from Wednesday/Thursday of this week.

It all seems a bit confused to me. Anyone got anything to add?

Tickets for Scotland v Croatia go on public sale 6 March at 9am. Call 08444 811 818