Czech Republic v Scotland and Scotland v Northern Ireland friendlies lined up

At last. On the eve of the Scotland v Croatia tie, Scotland coach George Burley has confirmed two further Scotland friendlies. The Scotland squad will head over to Prague to face the Czechs on May 30 then Hampden Park will play host to the Northern Ireland team on Wednesday August 20.

Prague Supermarket

Plans are already afoot for a trip to Prague. Four or five days in the Czech Republic are on the cards – roughly two days before the game and two days after. With Prague being the world centre of beer (apparently they make and drink more beer than anyone else, including us Scots) it should be a monumental time. 🙂

2 Responses to “Czech Republic v Scotland and Scotland v Northern Ireland friendlies lined up”

  1. Marsha Fay Says:

    I am an American woman living in Barcelona and a new fan of Football since I watched the World Cup for the first time in 2006. I met Celtic fans in Barcelona after the last Champions League Match here and have decided to go to Prague to see Scotland play the Czech Republic. Never been to Scotland, but the Celtic fans in town demonstrated in the most wonderful way how to be passionate about your team and have a damn good time while you are doing it. Never, ever a sports fan in the US but this stuff really gets me going….so much more compelling than American sports. How can I get tickets to that match??? Any help greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Marsha,

    Thanks for the reply. It’s good to hear that fooball (soccer) is gaining more attention in the US.

    To be in with chance of obtaining tickets you really need to join the Scotland Supporters Club – Only members of this club are offered the chance to see matches outside of Scotland.

    Some naughty people try to buy tickets reserved for the other team’s fans. This was done for the game in France. People just logged on to the French football site and successfuly bought tickets. As I say, this is frowned upon and you should avoid doing this.

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