Scotland – Croatia result – English notably quiet :-)

Scotland 1 – 1 Croatia. I’m still not sure if I’m happy with that. However, the Englanglanders I work with are notably quiet and occasionally complimentary of the Scotland team.

We had packed into the Rob Roy. OK, it wasn’t that packed – there was plenty of room for everyone, Scot’s fans and Croatian guests alike. Anyway, we were all looking forward to a good game. 90 minutes later a 1-1 draw was the result. I can’t say any of us were overjoyed, but a draw against the team that twice defeated the English and is ranked above us is not too shabby a result. And there were no embarrassing goalkeeper-related moments to mar the occasion.

Then it was back to work on Thursday. To be fair my workmates are a pretty good bunch so I wasn’t execting (m)any stupid comments. The French were looking faintly happy. Why, I can’t imagine. And the Englerlish were quiet. The take-away comment to note was “You guys did well last night. They beat us twice”. How true. And good to hear.

And, with the French result, does this put us ahead of England in the rankings? That will be interesting to see.

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