SFA discussing Scotland v Argentina friendly

The possibility of a Scotland friendly against Argentina is back on the cards. The SFA are reported to be discussing the possibility with their Argentine counterparts. The plan is for a match at Hampden later this year.

Whether or not the match takes place is anyone’s guess. The SFA are keen to take advantage of a free international date in November for the fixture. However a previous attempt to arrange such a match failed earlier this year. The main stumbling block is money. Argentina demand a hefty appearance fee, while fans have expressed a reluctance to pay for excessively priced match tickets.

It’s a tough one. I also am reluctant to pay too much money. However, the chance to see Scotland go up against the likes of Argentina is something I would consider paying extra to see. I guess what matters is just how much more I (and everyone else) is willing to pay. £30 sounds about right to me. Plus, considering the occasion, I am sure the marketing team at SFA central to drum up some extra sponsorship money to push it all through. If the SFA show they aren’t just relying on the fans to pay the extra cash I am sure we will all feel a bit more generous. It would be worth it.

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