Scotland 0-0 Northern Ireland

Well, I can’t pretend to be over the moon. Northern Ireland are not the best team in the world and we had home advantage. A victory was surely on the cards. Alas it wasn’t to be.

We met up in the Famous 3 Kings in West Kensington. With other Scotland fans a few Northern Irish we sat down to watch what we hoped would be an entertaining game. And with England fans in the next room, it looked like it could be an interesting evening.

Famous 3 Kings

Famous 3 Kings

There certainly were some good moments. Mcfadden was playing his heart out, and there were a few good shots at goal including Barry Robson’s effort from 25 yards. However, even after Northern Ireland’s McGivern was sent off, Scotland were unable to put the ball in the back of the net. Then, the worst thing happened. A penalty to Nothern Ireland!

Northern Ireland had made a break for the Scotland goal. Gooalkeeper, McGregor, trying to stop Feeney’s advance, brought him to the ground, earning the opposition a penalty. Nightmare! We were all an tenter-hooks. Could the Ramgers keepr redem himself for his error. Yes!!!! Yes he could. What an outstanding effort.

Unfortunately that was the highpoint of the match. The game ended goalless. And George Burley has yet to provide a victory. We all drank up and went home.

Next stop Macedonia. Time for a victory I hope.

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