Scotland v Norway tickets available 30th August

Tickets for the Scotland v Norway World Cup qualifier go on sale to Scotland Supporters Club members on 30 August. One ticket will be available to each member.

I’m really looking forward to this match. The two teams are fairly well matched and there is everything to play for. Scotland will be expected to win, but Norway are by no way pushovers. Being rated ahead of the Norwegians, we should take all 3 points. However, the visitors will have nothing to lose and heaps to gain if they can steal a point or three, and let’s not forget that the last time the Norwegians came to Hampden they went home with 3 points. A repeat of this would be tragic.

Regardless of past Scotland v Norway results my money is on a Scottish victory:-) Allan, our ticketmaster, has wasted no time and is already organising the our seats.

*** Update: Public tickets on sale ***
The general public can now buy tickets for the Scotland v Norway match, and they will be available from 9am Wednesday 24 September until mid-night on Sunday 28 September. Its a random ballot, with details and registration at

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