Iceland 1-2 Scotland – Scotland back on form?

Result! A victory in Iceland:) Three points in the bag, and hopefully Scotland are back on the path to glory.

Another trip to the Famous 3 Kings in West Kensington. The place was mobbed! Irish, Germans, Finns, some Icelanders, a few of our friends from Croatia and one or two English. There was plenty going on, but we were obviosly focused on the Scotland game. OK, we were listening out a bit to the next room for Croat goals 😉

The Scotland start seemed a bit shakey. They had little rhythm and, although there didn’t seem any major danger of a Iceland goal, Scotland weren’t exactly in charge of the game. Then Kirk Broadfoot decided to put Scotland in charge, heading the ball firmly into the net. We were ahead!! The pub went mental!! Burley’s men then seemed to step up a gear, ensuring a 1-0 half-time lead.

The second half started and we were all on a high. Scotland continues to dominate and we were all fairly confident we were fgoing to hang on to the lead. Then, with justover 10 minutes gone in the second half Sigurdsson fouled McFadden to give Scotland a penalty. Nice:-) After a gut-wrenching moment when Sturluson saved the lacklustre effort Mcfadden made up for his mistake by pouncing on the rebound to put Scotland 2 goals ahead. Fantasitc!

Then another penalty. Unfortunately this one was for Iceland. Scotland captain, Stephen McManus, handled the ball in the penalty box, earning himself a red card, and a penalty for Iceland, which they easily converted. Iceland were back in the game.

Quarter an hour to go. The tension was immense. Could we hold on to the end? Luckily we did. Helguson came close to equalising, but his shot rebounded off Caldwell, giving Geroge Burley his first victory as Scotland manager.

Scotland are now placed second equal in World Cup Group 9 – a welcome improvement.

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