Chris Iwelumo spoiled my weekend

I am gutted! We should have won. OK, it wouldn’t have been a result to shout too loud about, but 3 points is 3 points and a step closer to South Africa. But no. With a perfect chance to be the hero of the day, Chris Iwelumo let the opportunity go begging. Forgiveness is not easy to find.:-(

We travelled over 400 miles for that disappointment! Noone was expecting a mass of goals or Pele-esque show of skill, but a victory would have been nice. Norway are ranked below Scotland for a reason. This would suggest to me that Scotland should be able to secure 3 points at home. Obviously I am misguided!!

George Burley supposedly promised continuity following the 2-1 victory in Iceland. Well, that didn’t work out. Despite having more of the possession, we rarely seemed likely to score. The Norwegians put Gordon under pressure numerours times, our goalkeeper saving us a mumberof times. Then when we had the best chanceof the match Chris Iwelumo decides to punt the ball wide from 3 yards. What could have been an outstanding debut was wasted, leaving the Hampden loyal shocked and dejected. And that was as good as it got.

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