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England submit bid for World Cup 2018

Posted in England, FIFA with tags on January 27, 2009 by Tartan Army Soldier

They’ve being talking about it for yonks now. At last, but not surprisingly, the English FA have submitted a bid to host World Cup 2018.

Sure, I know what many will be thinking. If England are chosen it’ll be a perfect excuse for media-inspired small-mindedness and expectation on the part of the English – 52 years of hurt, blah blah…, football’s coming home, and England expects. Sure, that will be a pain. But, more than usual? I’m not convinced. And it wouldn’t be all bad.

Having the venues nearby will make going to the matches easier. No 12 hours on a flight, to a country of questionable safety. Just nip down the road, watch Scotland win, maybe stay over after all the boozing, and come home the day after. Brilliant. I’m all for the England bid.

Plus, it’s been ages since a host team won the World Cup.  Long may that continue;)