Holland v Scotland – last chance for tickets


I just heard from the Scotland Supporters Club the other day. They are offering a chance to get hold of tickets to the Holland v Scotland tickets that will be open to anyone with no points.

Part of me is gutted. I have no points, which hinders me massively towards getting an away ticket. No points equals nigh on no chance of being allocated a ticket, leaving me still with no points – a very annoying cycle. Now that I have a chance to break this cycle and go see the Dutch game I am not going to be able to go. Not that I expect too much pity, but I will be in the US that weekend. Anyway, the long and short of it is that I am a wee bit miffed at this lost chance.

In case you didn’t receive the email, details are being sent out by email next week. Good luck everyone.

BTW, if anyone knows of a Scottish ex-pat group in Atlanta or somewhere there that I can watch the game it would be most appreciated. Thanks.

2 Responses to “Holland v Scotland – last chance for tickets”

  1. Hi

    it looks like I am in Atlanta this Sat on business for the game – have you found a place to watch the game? – maybe we could meet up – just an idea?!


    • i live in Naples Florida and i am worried about the sept 9th game so i am flying up to New York to watch it at Nevada Smiths if you want to join me

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