No Holland v Scotland game in Atlanta

Am gutted! My Saturday in Atlanta was no fun, with Scotland suffering a 3-0 defeat at the hands of the Dutch, and not even having the chance to see the game.

It all started so well. Stuart, who wrote to TAS a few day ago, emailed to say he had found a pub showing the Scotland match – Fado Irish Pub. Seemed like a perfect plan. And friends here agreed it was was likely the best venue for watching ‘soccer’. So off we went.

Anticipation was high. Like Scotland’s recent journey to Paris the odds were stacked agaianst us. So, there was nothing to lose and everything to gain. However, all thoughts if watching the game were quickly dashed. For some cable TV/BBC messed up reason they couldn’t show the Scotland match. So we ended up watching the Germany v Liechtenstein game while following the Scotland match on the Internet. As BBC reports updated my mood dimmed and I ended up thinking maybe it wasn’t so bad that I missed seeing it all.

Next game, Iceland. Well, I think I’ll be following that on the Internet as well. Fado’s have no plans of showing the match. I just hope I see the BBC Sports site describing a few Scotland goals. Otherwise we are in big doo-doo. Come on Scotland. It’s time for some serioous points!

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