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Japan v Scotland friendly organised. And more?

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Scotland with Kirin Cup

It seems almost certain now. A Japan v Scotland friendly will take place on Saturday 10 October. And there is talk about a second match near Japan on the 14th (South Korea??). So, should I go?

Am totally up for it, but it’ll be no mean feat. It’ll totally bust the bank. Say that, it could be well worth it. Japan will be cool to visit and the last time the Scotland team went there they came home with the Kirin Cup. So a good game could be on the cards. I’ll just have to check my bank account after the fixture is confirmed.

Barry Ferguson and Allan McGregor – Should they be banned?

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been paying attention to the debacle concerning the banning of Barry Ferguson and Allan McGregor. What a nonsense! To my mind its another example of the SFA hindering the team’s chances of World Cup qualification. Banning is too extreme a punishment and serves only to disadvantage other players’ efforts.

OK, to be fair, I was away on holiday when the incidents happened. So, I had a little bit of catching up to do. But, from what I gather Ferguson and McGregor were a couple of diddies and DID desereve to be punished. However, how does anyone gain, now or in the future, by the SFA banning them from internationals for life? By excluding these two players the team has been significantly weakened, playing into the hands of our opposition.

And it seems this is a common view. Hamish Husband, speaking for the Tartan Army, said that Scotland fans would welcome Barry Ferguson and Allan McGregor back to the Scotland team if they apologised. And more interestingly, George Burley is has distanced himself from the ban. He stated “The Scotland manager doesn’t decide who’s banned,” and went on to say “I stress, I didn’t ban them. The Scottish FA board as a whole decide these matters. I’m not on the board”.So, it seems, to me at least, that the SFA hierarchy are intent on a decision widely unsupported outside their offices.

What now? Unfortunately my faith inthe SFA isn’t great, so I don’t forsee any resolution. It may require someone’s resination, or even worse Scotland failing to qualify, to  show the decision to be ill-considered. Hopefully it won’t come to either.

Scotland defeat Iceland, wish I’d seen it

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Thank goodness. A victorious result at Hampden.

Scotland are hopefully back on the route to qualification. Despite the controversial exclusion of Barry Ferguson and Allan McGregor, the Scotland squad saw fit to defeat Iceland 2-1. While the Rangers duo were relegatged to the bench, both Ross McCormack and Steven Fletcher scored their first goals for Scotland to ensure a victory over the Icelandic visitors. I just wish I’d seen it.

Again, due to some regional, cable-related bonkerness Scotland games don’t appear to merit showing on TV in the USA. As before, we had to follow the game on the internet. As much as I appreiciated the score it would have been so much better to see the Scotland squad in action. And I wouldn’t have had to spend the day in a museum:(

Minor disappointments aside, am glad we’re back on winning form and hope we see more of the same.