Brown and McFadden keep Scotland’s World Cup hopes alive

Scott Brown celebrates

Scotland celebrate taking the lead against Macedonia

Scott Brown and James McFadden have helped keep Scotland’s World Cup qualification hopes alive. With two second half goals they have kept Scotland in sight of next year’s World Cup finals.

By a strange twist of fate I watched the match in a pub in Knebworth. There was some other nonsense on TV elsewhere in the pub, but it seemed that football was being given precedence over anything else and, as it should be, that meant the Scotland game was being shown on the big screen.

I was the only Scot there, but it seems a few local Englanders were also interested. It turned out they had bet money on the outcome. Most had bet on  a draw. Normally that would annoy me but after Norway’s first win in the competition I can’t say I blame them for doubting a Scottish win. A few others had more faith in the home team. Anyhoo, to cut a long story short, I am happy to say those betting against recent form ended the day richer.

Next match, am off to Rob Roy’s in Paddington. Another 2-0 result will do just fine:)

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  1. […] those able to go (not me:() tickets are now of sale to the general public for the last two matches, Scotland v Macedonia and Scotland v Holland. Tickets are available from £25 to £35 from the sources […]

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