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Wales v Scotland – Obliged to watch on TV because of SFA points sytem

Posted in Friendlies, Tartan Army with tags , , on October 18, 2009 by Tartan Army Soldier

The SFA recently announced that Scotland will be travelling to Cardiff for a Wales v Scotland friendly on 14 November. And it looks like I won’t be going:(

I won’t be in Cardiff for two reasons. One, I have tickets to see The Airborne Toxic Event in Oxford. And two, I don’t have 4 away points. That’s right, the SFA are only offering tickets to anyone who has accumulated 4 points over the last 10 away matches.

4 away points! That’s a joke! How many fans have 4 away points? I have none. None at all. And as long as anyone in my position has no chance of even applying for an away ticket thousands of us are trapped in a zero-point rut. And it could easily be solved.

The SFA say that the points system is designed to reward the most loyal fans. Fine. I broadly agree with that. However, some means has to be available to provide opportunity to those who would loyally follow Scotland abroad if given the chance. Something like a point or half point for loyally attending home games? That’s not rocket science and I’m sure it would be difficult to administer. So, SFA, how about it??

Meanwhile, I need to find a Scottish or Welsh pub in Oxford that will be showing the game. Anyone have any suggestions?

Japan v Scotland – Was it worth getting out of bed?

Posted in Friendlies, Scotland Squad, Tartan Army Abroad on October 11, 2009 by Tartan Army Soldier

I almost wish I’d stayed in bed. Getting up on a Saturday morning to see Scotland lose 2-0 is not my idea of time well spent. And to have opened the scoring (for Japan!!) is even worse. An excuse is that we were missing a number of our best players. True enough. But Japan were not exactly fielding their best squad.

The game seemed to really drag.  As for the Scotland squad, the did try, but they didn’t merit Burley saying that  “they were excellent”. Not one shot at goal (the Japan goal!!) and, as a result, nothing to show for it. Then the own-goal. Well, you all saw it. I was just glad when it all ended.