Wales v Scotland – Obliged to watch on TV because of SFA points sytem

The SFA recently announced that Scotland will be travelling to Cardiff for a Wales v Scotland friendly on 14 November. And it looks like I won’t be going:(

I won’t be in Cardiff for two reasons. One, I have tickets to see The Airborne Toxic Event in Oxford. And two, I don’t have 4 away points. That’s right, the SFA are only offering tickets to anyone who has accumulated 4 points over the last 10 away matches.

4 away points! That’s a joke! How many fans have 4 away points? I have none. None at all. And as long as anyone in my position has no chance of even applying for an away ticket thousands of us are trapped in a zero-point rut. And it could easily be solved.

The SFA say that the points system is designed to reward the most loyal fans. Fine. I broadly agree with that. However, some means has to be available to provide opportunity to those who would loyally follow Scotland abroad if given the chance. Something like a point or half point for loyally attending home games? That’s not rocket science and I’m sure it would be difficult to administer. So, SFA, how about it??

Meanwhile, I need to find a Scottish or Welsh pub in Oxford that will be showing the game. Anyone have any suggestions?

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