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John Collins and Jimmy Calderwood interested in Scotland job

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Jimmy Calderwood

Jimmy Calderwood - Future Scotland Coach?

Two potential candidates have already expressed interest in the Scotland manager job just vacated by George Burley.

As reported by the BBC, John Collins and Jimmy Calderwood are both keen to be considered. Former Aberdeen and Dunfermline coach, Calderwood said on Radio Scotland “Any Scottish manager would see it as a wonderful challenge”. Similarly, ex-Scotland midfielder, Collins declared his intentions saying “I would be interested in managing the national team”.

Other names suggested include Joe Jordan, Gary McAllister and favourite Craig Levein.

Of those suggested, I would prefer Calderwood or Jordan. Scotland need someone who can spur them on and fire them up for victory. As much as Levien is favoured by many, I don’t see him as being sufficiently passionate or ‘ball-breaking’ for this task. Jordan and Claderwood, however, strike me a strong coaches who will inspire the team while not taking any nonsense  from anyone.

George Burley sacked – no surprise

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George Burley

George Burley, Scotland Coach 2008-2009

I just read on the BBC football pages, George Burley was sacked earlier today.

It’s hardly a shock. After the 3-0 drubbing in Cardiff it didn’t look good for Burley. That, together with the recent dire World Cup qualification attempt, the SFA had to let him go. And having followed Scotland’s impressive efforts under both Smith and McLeish, this downturn was hard to bear. The SFA had, in my mind, no choice but to act.

Now the question is being asked, who’s going to manage the Scotland team going forward? Hopefully someone with a bit of passion.  Sounness? Strachan? I’d like to see Walter Smith back, but that’s unlikely. Whoever takes the job, let’s hope they can inspire the team and fans like not so long ago. Then we can think about maybe having a chance in Euro 2012.

Mission to find a pub showing Wales v Scotland – a wasted effort??

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We spent ages yesterday looking for a pup showing the Wales v Scotland match. Now, I almost wish I hadn’t bothered.

We were in Oxford for a concert. Having never been there before we had search out a pub showing the football. Easier said than done. With the England v Argentina rugby match being on at the same time and a local preference for rugby this was less than easy. Luckily we found the Eurobar, which was good enough to provide half the pub for football viewing. Result! 🙂 Next, to enjoy a few beers and a fine Scotland performance?

No. Not quite. It was embarrassing! 3-0 down by the end of the fist half.  Did we have any defence? Well, I never saw any effort to stop the Welsh goals. A shocking effort! The only consolation was that I never wasted money for a ticked or wasted time travelling to Cardiff. Not that it help make the result any easier to bear. Polite words fail me.