Mission to find a pub showing Wales v Scotland – a wasted effort??

We spent ages yesterday looking for a pup showing the Wales v Scotland match. Now, I almost wish I hadn’t bothered.

We were in Oxford for a concert. Having never been there before we had search out a pub showing the football. Easier said than done. With the England v Argentina rugby match being on at the same time and a local preference for rugby this was less than easy. Luckily we found the Eurobar, which was good enough to provide half the pub for football viewing. Result! 🙂 Next, to enjoy a few beers and a fine Scotland performance?

No. Not quite. It was embarrassing! 3-0 down by the end of the fist half.  Did we have any defence? Well, I never saw any effort to stop the Welsh goals. A shocking effort! The only consolation was that I never wasted money for a ticked or wasted time travelling to Cardiff. Not that it help make the result any easier to bear. Polite words fail me.

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