Scotland win 1-0 against Czech Republic

Last night was a rare thing – a Scotland friendly victory. Against future Euro 2012 qualifier opponents, Czech Republic, Scott Brown scored the winning goaScott Brownl to secure a 1-0 scoreline.

It was a great result, but not a great game. I’m as chuffed as anyone about the result. 1-0 against the might of the Czechs is impressive. However we played a typically defensive game, that saw our goal net under constant attack. And if we want to qualify for Euro 2012, or anything else, Levein is going to have to play a more offensive, attacking football to ensure further victories. If we’re not looking to succeed, what’s the point of taking part.

Well done the Scotland Squad, but let’s see some more aggressive football in future.

2 Responses to “Scotland win 1-0 against Czech Republic”

  1. John Robertson Says:

    Why is Scotland playing a defensive style of football ? I played football in the 70’s at junior level and had trials for Scotland shoolboys and amatuer. I was told never passback unless no other option. Scotland now passing back to own keeper from inside opposition half. On Wed. Hutton shouted for ball on right and it took 4 passes to get to him. Where is the “let the ball do the work”. We need to get in to their half A.S.A.P. and keep pressure on. Every boy wants to get to the other goal and have a shot, anywhere within 18yds. I understand the need to defend (I played) but we wont WIN if we dont score !! When forwards get near goal they dony know what to do as they are not used to being there. One up front and they nod on or pass back and nobody else there.Brasil had the attitude that if they scored MORE than the other team they would win. That is football fans want to see and proud of team even if they get beat, as long as they give 100%. Please be more positve and attack minded. The players have the skill let them show it. Bu the way Caldwell is a liability who will always give away fouls / penalties.

  2. I agree. A bit of faith and inspiring leadership would help. The results would follow.

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