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Beckham delivers 2018 World Cup bid

Posted in England, FIFA, World Cup on May 14, 2010 by Tartan Army Soldier

England have submitted an application to host World Cup 2018. As reported by the BBC, David Beckham has delivered England FA’s bid to FIFA chief Sepp Blatter. And with Blatter describing England as “the motherland of football” it may be that England are already lined up to host the event.

So what does it mean for Scotland fans? On one hand if England win we’ll never hear the end of it. The constant media gloating will be even worse than the 1966 droning. However if they fail to win the pundits will be shut up for a while. And, with it being a while since a home team won the world cup the odds are against England.

I’m in favour of England’s bid. With most venues being in easy travelling distance there will be no need to scramble about for flights, accommodation, etc, all of which I will appreciate greatly.

I just hope the Scotland team are up to qualifying.