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England 0 – 0 Algeria

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LOL. I am so glad I’m not English. Obvious reasons aside, last night’s match was the dullest, most uninspiring 90 minutes of football I have ever seen. Luckily, I greatly appreciate the scoreline.

So far it doesn’t look great for England. Slovenia are most likely to win the group, and England’s performance so far doesn’t suggest they will stand in their way. Then it’s likely to be USA or England taking second place. With an easier match, I reckon it’s going to be USA. Enough said.

Come on Slovenia! Go USA!

George Burley to manage Crystal Palace

Posted in George Burley on June 18, 2010 by Tartan Army Soldier

Good news for George Burley. The ex-Scotland coach is to be the new coach for London team Crystal Palace.

Sacked in Novemeber 2009 for poor team performance and failure to qualify for the World Cup finals, Burley has been out of work for the past seven months. Now Crystal Palace, who only just escaped relegation on the last day of the English league season have given Burley a route back into the game.

Burley will be assisted by another Scotsman and Crystal Palace legend Dougie Freedman, who was previously regarded as a likely candidate for the role.

England 1 – 1 USA

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England has been going bonkers about it all day. It was time for the England team to start their World Cup 2010 campaign, facing the USA at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenberg. England were, not surprisingly, favourites to win.

England started well. Gerrard quickly helped them take the lead after only 4 minutes. This was to underline the English dominance of most of the the first half. However, the USA goalie was outstanding keeping England attacks from extending the lead.

The USA never stopped trying to get back into the match. And this eventually payed off. With a little help from England goalkeeper, Robert Green’s fumble, Clint Dempsey shot the ball over line. USA were back in the game. And that was how the first half ended.

There were no goals in the the second half.  The English threatened the US goal a few times but the American keeper saw off the English attacks, leaving the scoreline 1-1. And that was pretty much it.

Beth, the GF in USA, was quite pleased.

England prepare for the World Cup, but I’m supporting USA

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It’s almost started. World Cup 2010 is almost here. And living in England, I know this only too well.

England flags

Everywhere I go people are getting ready for the football to begin. All around flags are flying from cars and hanging in from bedroom windows. I only have to step out of my front door to see it ‘slap-bang’ in my face.

I guess I can’t really blame them. It is England, the fans are loyally supporting their country, and I have to suffer it as long as I choose to live here. But, spending last weekend in Glasgow I appreciated a nice break from it all. Being dragged to a bar to watch the England v Japan World Cup warm-up match by some well-meaning friend was just right out of the question.

USA Team

USA Team

Anyway I’ll have to make the best of it. I’m just going to enjoy the football and hope the usual numbnut pundits aren’t too much of a pain. Plus, I’m lucky to being heading off to the USA to see my American girlfriend. So, I’ll miss the English TV commentary for the second half of the tournament. And, even better, I have a perfectly respectable reason to hope England get stuffed in their opening game. Come on USA!!!