England prepare for the World Cup, but I’m supporting USA

It’s almost started. World Cup 2010 is almost here. And living in England, I know this only too well.

England flags

Everywhere I go people are getting ready for the football to begin. All around flags are flying from cars and hanging in from bedroom windows. I only have to step out of my front door to see it ‘slap-bang’ in my face.

I guess I can’t really blame them. It is England, the fans are loyally supporting their country, and I have to suffer it as long as I choose to live here. But, spending last weekend in Glasgow I appreciated a nice break from it all. Being dragged to a bar to watch the England v Japan World Cup warm-up match by some well-meaning friend was just right out of the question.

USA Team

USA Team

Anyway I’ll have to make the best of it. I’m just going to enjoy the football and hope the usual numbnut pundits aren’t too much of a pain. Plus, I’m lucky to being heading off to the USA to see my American girlfriend. So, I’ll miss the English TV commentary for the second half of the tournament. And, even better, I have a perfectly respectable reason to hope England get stuffed in their opening game. Come on USA!!!

4 Responses to “England prepare for the World Cup, but I’m supporting USA”

  1. Most of the ftacor for the World Champion 2010 are saying Spain will win the title. But usually it isn’t the big favourite that will win the tournament, so I think Brasil will make the race.

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