Sweden 3 – 0 Scotland – Levein’s Scotland disappoint

Another disappointment..

I had thought about going to Sweden to watch this match. Luckily I didn’t have enough holiday time left to make it possible. Spending a load of money to see Levein’s Scotland fail would have been too painful.

The game was dire. Pretty much from the start Sweden were in control. We were down a goal by the third minute. Nightmare. Scotland did have some chances, but nothing came from it. Then Sweden went further ahead with a Bajrami goal leaving Scotland trailing 2-0 at half-time.

The second half didn’t see any improvements. Despite a passionate start and a close shot at goal by McFadden the ball was never in serious threat of landing in the Sweden net. And the hosts scored again making it 3 – 0. After that there was still a further 35 minutes to go. And to be perfectly honest I am too depressed to keep writing about it.

I feel sorry for one of my brothers who was there. My other brother claimed he was too busy at work to go to Sweden. He said “Its the end of month accounts”, which considering the date, seems an odd reason. Maybe his time at the Norways game has dulled his enthusiasm. Not that I criticise.

I just hope the team can find some form by the start of the Euro 2012 qualifiers.

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