Scotland 2 – 1 Liechtenstein – A shambles of a victory

What a nightmare? Scotland may have won 3 points last night, but they did so in the most shambolic fashion I have ever seen. Having to come from behind, at home, against one of the lowest ranked teams in Europe, and waiting until the seventh minute of five minutes extra time to score the winning goal is not the stuff of champions. I am almost ashamed.

We were in the Rob Roy bar. As ever there was a great atmosphere. We were all optimistic of an impressive win. Liechtenstein, being ranked 141 in the world, should have been a pushover. How wrong we all were.

Liechtenstein were first to score. After a first half to forget the game quickly turned in the visitors’ favour with a 46th minute goal. Nightmare! We couldn’t afford to lose this game! And not to this ‘minnow’.

The remainder of the game was desperate. We were desperate to see some Scotland goals. And the Scotland squad were just desperate. Then, at last, after 63 minutes a Robson cross headed into the path of Miller leveled the score as the striker drove the ball home from 15 yards. Now Scotland had a chance.

But still it was dire viewing. The Scotland Squad obviously want to qualify to the Euro 2012 finals. Don’t they? Well, they didn’t show it. Another thirty-odd minutes and into injury time it didn’t look good. Was this going to be remembered as the low-point of Scottish international football? It certainly looked that way.

Unbelievable!! Just when it was looking like Craig Levein was destined for the Job Centre, McManus rose above the Liechtenstein defence to send the ball into the visitors’ net, and Hampden into a roar tinged with a big streak of relief. 2-1 to Scotland. What a relief.

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