Czech Republic 1 – 0 Scotland – a deserved defeat

Last night’s display by the Scotland team was shameful! We lost, or more correctly threw away the game to a mediocre Czech Republic team. Three points, or at least a draw were ours’ for the taking, But it seems that was too much to ask.

Scotland Fans in Prague

The Czechs have a formidable reputation. Their recent history has shown them capable of great things and a side of which we need to be wary. However, in the past few months they have fallen in stature quite significantly. They even lost at home to Lithuania 4 weeks ago. So, what on earth was Craig Levein doing putting out an unambitious 4-6-0 formation!!!

Were we even wanting or hoping to win??? The uninspiring, strikerless formation smacks of a timid lack of ambition. It tells me that Levein was going after a draw, and no more. And, if that’s what I think, I can only imagine what they players thought – going out there to face a beatable team with the most defensive formation anyone has ever seen. They must have been truly uninspired.

I should give credit where credit is due. Scotland played a defensive game very well. For the majority of the match the defenders played an excellent game. And McGregor saved us numerous times.

But the Czechs were there for the taking. Their defence was shaky, and we could have scored at least a couple of goals given the chance. But, having no strikers wasn’t going to help that happen. Meanwhile the Czechs showed the ambition that we lacked and kept up the pressure, eventually getting the goal they needed. And the rest is now history.

I have one word for Craig Levein. Resign.

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