Scotland v Brazil tickets on sale from 22 Feb

The SFA have secured every SSC member a ticket for the Scotland v Brazil match at the Emirates Stadium. 2,500 tickes will cost £30 with the remainder being priced at £35.

Reading between lines, I don’t think anyone expects too many Brazilian fans. I could find no mention of a quota of tickets for the Brazilain support. So, it may be that the stadium will be full of Scotland fans and all Scotland supporters, including those not in the SSC, will be able to buy tickets for this match.

Hopefully there will also be a few Brazilains fans present. It’d be good to have some rival support. The atmosphere would benefit, and let’s be honest, the pretty ladies we often see in the Brazilain crowds would be a pleasant addition to a sea of male faces;)

Anyhoo, tickets go on sale tomorrow at

4 Responses to “Scotland v Brazil tickets on sale from 22 Feb”

  1. Hullo,

    Joost a wee note about the support for the Brazilians not being well supported at the Emirates v the Tartan army!!! a few factors to take in.

    1) They is a large Brazilian community in London who are also supported by a lot of mainland Portuguese folk so combined the numbers could be as many as 400,000.

    2) Neutrals love watching Brazil!! full stop.

    3) The game is being in London “England”

    Having said the above the Tartan army will be there in force and no doubt will be making the most noise. And although I’m what you technicaly will call an English man ( I will be there supporting the Scotts…. C’mon Alba

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    […]Scotland v Brazil tickets on sale from 22 Feb « Tartan Army Soldier[…]…

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