Scotland v Brazil result – Scotland 0 – 2 Brazil

We made it to the Emirates Stadium. Having rescheduled flights back to London after my brother’s stag weekend we made it back to Heathrow for shortly after 8 am. Everyone was knackered, but it was going to be worth it. We’d managed a few hours sleep and were waiting to see some football.

The Brazilians were outstanding. Leading from the start, they never let up. But Scotland didn’t give up, doing their best to keep up with the South Americans. The defended well, but our lone forward Kenny Miller barely touched the ball. And the Brazilians kept piling on the pressure with a near goal after 20 minutes, saved only by the cross bar. But as minute ticked by we were still holding them off. If we could just hold out to half time.

Tragedy!! A 41 minute goal by Brazil’s Neymar put paid to any chance of not ending the first half second-best. The South Americans finally converted their chances, scoring when Santos struck the ball to an unmarked Neymar who put it squarely in the net. The heart of every Scotsman in the stadium sank. NO!!!!! Brazil went a head 1-0. And that was the score when the first half ended.

After 15 minutes moods weren’t lifting. It was not looking good for Scotland and the fans were less than optimistic. If the team could lift their game it might be possible. If they played like the first half, forget it. Then the second half started and Charlie Adam goes and gives the ball away, almost leading a Neymar goal which luckily goes just over the crossbar.

And Brazil continued to dominate. Despite two substitutions, bringing on Barry Bannan and Kris Commons for James McArthur and Steven Whittaker, there was no change in performance. At least we were only 1-0 down. Still a chance to sneak an equalizer.

Then, worst of all nightmares, Charlie Adam’s day get even worse as he floors Neymar, conceding a penalty. A second Brazilian goal seemed certain. And Neymar confirmed that with a sound penalty strike. Brazil were two goals ahead.

That essentially killed the game. Any chance Scotland had of getting a draw had near enough vanished. A further substitution, bringing on Robert Snodgrass for Charlie Adam wasn’t enough and the game never moved in our favour. The mood in the crowd was dire. Scotland continued to be outplayed and never looked like getting a consolation goal. A 2-0 defeat by a far superior opposition was how the day ended. Hopefully some lessons learned for future games.

Time for consolation beers…

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