Wales v Scotland result – Wales 1 – 3 Scotland

Scotland are only one match away from winning the Carling Nations Cup. After a 3-1 victory over Wales, there is now only one game left to play, and it could lead to some nice silver.

We were back at The Three Kings. The atmosphere wasn’t exactly electric, but we had beer and we were were hopeful that Scotland could continue their recently improved form.

Scotland’s recent history against the Welsh hasn’t been good. The last two meetings have ended with Wales victorious. Added to the fact that we haven’t got the better of Wales since 1984, there wasn’t an overwhelming expectation for Scotland to win. Fortunately the 27 drought was about to end.

The game started a bit slowly but it soon picked up. Both teams had chances, coming close to scoring on a number of occasions. Unfortunately, it was Wales who broke the deadlock. After pressing hard against the Scotland team captain Earnshaw earned himself what was surely an inevitable goal. Taking advantage of a dire header by left-back Crainey past he seized the ball and sent it flying past Allan McGregor to put Wales into the lead.

The second half saw a much improved Scotland effort. Having been booed off at the end of the first half they seemed fired up and had certainly upped their game. An it paid off. Only 10 minutes in and James Morrison send the ball into the Wales netting, bringing the score level.

Wales made some changes, but Scotland were on a roll. Morrison set up a second goal, pulling the ball back to allow Miller to put Scotland into the lead. It was 2-1 in Scotland’s favour. But more was to come.

Only a further six minutes had passed when Scotland moved further ahead. Whittaker’s struck a pinpoint cross that connected with Christophe Berra, who headed the ball past the far post. 3-1! Fantastic! And that was how it ended. Superb result.

The scene is now set for Scotland to play the Republic of Ireland on Sunday. If they win the Carling Nations Cup will be heading to Glasgow. I’ll be in Scotland then, and intend to find somewhere to watch it with my brother and other fans.

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