Tonight Scotland invades America

By now the Tartan Army will be in Jacksonville in the USA.

As ever the plan will be to enjoy the benefits of the host city and see Scotland victorious on the football pitch. After savouring a few brews, engaging the locals (with some preference for the ladies) and marching to the stadium the evening will be set for some finest football. A Scottish victory, of course, is on the cards.

It’s going to be a tough match. The heat there is a killer. From those I know who live over there, it’s hitting between 25oC and 35oC, so it’s going to test the team’s fitness. And to be fair to the USA team they aren’t too shabby: frequently outranking us in the FIFA listings. It’ll be far from a pushover.

All said, it’ll be fun. I’m making sure I get back in time to watch it. I have no idea, yet, if it’s on TV or internet or anywhere, but I hope to find something. And if you know please let me, and everyone, know. Failing all, I’ll get Beth, my US girlfriend in America (she’s supporting Scotland, as she should) to keep me up to date.

Come on Scotland!

One Response to “Tonight Scotland invades America”

  1. Jack Anderson Says:

    We were at the game & saw a very poor display by our team. I would like to say that Scott brown was by far our best player. He should be made captain of the Scots team.
    The Tartan Army was very well behaved. Unfortunately the only abuse we heard was from a minority of USA fans. Just goes to show that we ARE the best fans in the world.

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