USA 5 – 1 Scotland

To quote a friend and fellow Scot, “Glad I didn’t stay up to watch USA v Scotland.”. As you no doubt know we lost 5-1. 5-1!!!

I missed it too. And am not ashamed to say it. Passed out at approximately 12.30, my body kicked in its harm-avoidence system and made sure I had no chance of suffering for the next 2 hours. The plan had been to find somewhere TV or online to watch the game. Failing that, I was going to Skype Beth, my fiance in the US, and have here turn on here telebox. Luckily that endurance was avoided.

You could argue I can’t judge, but I will. USA have in recent years been the better team. They’ve progressed further in World Cup than we ever have. Also, they have the very capable Jurgen Klinsmann coaching them. So, it’s fair to say the USA team were expected to win. But not 5-1!!!

I despair…

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