Serbia v Scotland ticket allocation announced

The SFA have announced the ticket allocation for the Serbia v Scotland World Cup qualifier on 26 March. Scotland fans have been allocated 900 tickets. There is also the possibility of a further 400 tickets being made available. The ticket price will be 5 Euros.

As ever, demand for tickets will be much greater than for 1,300 tickets. The SFA have therefore restricted initial sales to those SSC members with 7-10 points. The deadline to register for these tickets is 10.00am on 22 February, after which supporters with 6 points will also be allowed to buy a ticket up until 10.00am on 25 February.

The match in Serbia is scheduled for Tuesday 26 March – 8.30pm local time at Stadium Karadjordje, Novi Sad.

Update :

An further 300 tickets have been secured for Scotland fans. These tickets will be available from 26 February and cost 10 Euro (£9) from  the SFA.

Update 2 :

The eligibility for buying tickets for the Serbia v Scotland game has been broadened to include any fans with 3 or more points.

2 Responses to “Serbia v Scotland ticket allocation announced”

  1. James Perman Says:

    I got a ticket this morning on 1 point!


  2. That doesn’t surprise me. The comments from the SFA gave the indication that there wasn’t a great demand for tickets. Maybe some fans aren’t keen on going to Serbia and want to keep their money for the Croatia game.

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