Two more defeats for Scotland

It’s a tough life following the Scotland squad. We’ve endured two more internationals, both familiar in their disappointing outcome. Is there any hope for Scottish international football?

After being bettered at home by a not-exactly-mighty Wales, we have just suffered a 2-0 defeat in Serbia. If it wasn’t obvious before, we are now clearly not going to be seeing Scotland playing in the Brazil 2014 World Cup finals. If we harbour any hopes of being the best in the world it would help if we could at least win our home games. At present we clearly can’t. Presently I would hesitate to argue with Alisdair Lamont of the BBC who described the current squad as deserving “the tag of the worst Scotland team ever”.

So, what’s gone so wrong? And how will it be fixed?

There are many possible reasons. Some say a the lack of strong competition in the SPL, made worse by the problems suffered by Rangers, has weakened Scottish football. But with many Scottish players having and continuing to play club football outside of Scotland this is probably not a significant issue. Is it a lack of skill or physical strength, a probable factor in Serbia? Or is it something more fundamental, such as a lack of belief that we can win and/or acceptance to endure losses as long as we have played with “pride”? My fear is that it’s all of these, possibly with a little too much of the last.

In fairness to our new coach the absence of some players may have hindered efforts. The team lacked the skills of Darren Fletcher and Scott Brown. Also, some of the new blood wasn’t of the same quality (admittedly less so in Serbia). My only hope is, now that we won’t be heading off to Brazil, Strachan will have free reign to try out as much new blood and experiment with the team as possible. And let’s hope it yields results. Preferably wins.

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